Here are the three main ministries we lead.


Youth with a mission los angeles

We are the Base Directors of YWAM LA. We currently oversee close to 70 staff, 6 missions training programs, 13 departments, 3 Los Angeles ministries, multiple overseas efforts, and between 100-200 students per year. For more information on YWAM LA please click here.

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Jutice 180

Justice 180 is a non-profit organization focused on advocacy and prevention, outreach, and aftercare for those at risk of exploitation, those being exploited and those who are rebuilding their lives after finding freedom. We reach those being sold on the streets of Los Angeles, in strip clubs, and in red-light districts around the world. We are committed to partnering with other ministries doing the same. For more information on Justice 180 click here.


Justice Discipleship training school

Justice DTS is a training program through YWAM LA partnered with Justice 180. The focus of this five month school is that during the 3 months lecture phones and 2 month overseas outreach phase we can create an opportunity for individuals to develop a solid foundation in Christ, be educated in the issue of sex-trafficking and ministry in this area, and equip them with the tools they need to take a stand as advocates and abolitionists. For more information or to apply click here.