Our Family

It all started when...

We were married on August 7, 2007. We met when we were 13 years old, fell in love at 18, and were married at 19. Our hearts have always been to not only have a big and happy family, but to bring healthy family to a broken world. After being told we would never be able to have children, we have four beautiful miracle babies on earth (Lily 7, Ella 4, Promise 2, Noah the newbie) and three sweet babies in heaven. 

We moved to Redding, CA shortly after being married where we found home. We joined YWAM in 2010 when we did our Discipleship Training School in Montana. During our first outreach as a family to Thailand we saw firsthand the effects of human trafficking and could not look the other way. We moved to Los Angeles in 2011 and went on to pioneer our non-profit Justice 180, and in 2016 stepped in as base leaders for the YWAM Los Angeles campus. 

We are passionate about family, justice, coffee, discipleship and adventure. We are all so different and love seeing and championing the gifts in each of our family members. Robert is a leader, a visionary, an incredible speaker, a coach, loves sports, roasts coffee and is hilarious. Jenny is a leader, creative, writer, teacher, has the gift of strategy, counseling and championing. Lily is bold, a leader, creative, hospitable, loves like no other, has the gift of hospitality and amazing ideas. Ella is sweet, gentle and kind, a dancer, an artist. She speaks the truth, has a huge imagination, and loves to cuddle. Promise is fire, she is bold, fierce, fearless, a leader and loves people. Noah is sweet and gentle. We are still getting to know this precious one, but he has the best smile with a dimple that steals hearts.

We are a family with big dreams and bold ideas.

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